PHP MVC Framework

Mendo Framework

Mendo Framework is a PHP MVC Framework for web projects, composed by a set of loosely coupled, reusable components and HMVC by nature.

Start reading the Fundamental Concepts page to understand how Mendo Framework offers you a better MVC approach compared to other full-stack frameworks.

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The documentation is currently being completed.

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Why choose Mendo Framework over other frameworks?

Powerful View Helpers

View helpers help the view perform certain common tasks. Mendo's view helpers are able to subscribe to the view's events, which allows them to add <head> elements (script, style, title, ...), html attributes, body scripts, etc.

HMVC - Widgetized Content

The Request view helper allows you to include the result of a sub-request in the view. HMVC increases code modularity, aids re-usability, and maintains a better separation of concerns.

Great Multilingual Support

Building multilingual applications has never been so easy: the language is automatically fetched from the URL, URL segments can be translated in any language with the bundled I18N routers and view helpers allow you to add the necessary HTML metadata for the current language in use.

A Better MVC Approach

According to the original MVC pattern, the controller should not interact with the view. Though, all major frameworks seem to contradict this rule. The Mendo MVC Framework tend to follow the original pattern with the use of View Models.

CMS Module (coming soon)

A simple CMS module, allowing to change the content of the web pages through a WYSIWYG editor, comes as an installable module with the framework.

>= PHP 5.6

It's fresh, and makes use of the latest best practices.

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What else?

Straightforward ACL/Auth Component

You can implement ACL rules on URLs without efforts. Do you have an admin area? Secure access to /admin for administrators only, via a simple config rule.

Convenient Composite Loggers

Mendo MVC Framework comes with a set of loggers that you can combine for a specific log level.
Log your messages into your DB, as an email, or you can even tweet them to yourself to take advantage of instant mobile notifications.

Powerful Input Filters

Validators and sanitizers help filtering input data. Filter funnels allow you to filter a variable through multiple sanitizers and validators at once. The Escape helper allows you to escape data in your HTML-templates.
Input data should be validated/sanitized as soon as possible and escaped as late as possible.

Reusable Modules

You can easily create your own custom modules and reuse them across your applications.

Loosely Coupled Components

The Mendo Framework comes with a set of components that can be used out of the context of an MVC application.

Clean Code, KISS, SOLID, Design Patterns, PHP-FIG

Design patterns and coding standards are used to keep the architecture clean, reusable, maintainable and extensible.