Web Development PHP MVC Framework

ApPHP MVC Framework is designed to provide modern and rapid development of websites, web applications and web services.

It implements the the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern and principles, including separation of display, logic, and data layers. It provides an architecture, components and tools for developers to build a complex web applications faster and safer.

Choosing ApPHP MVC Framework allows you to release your applications earlier, host and scale them without problem, and easier long-term maintenance and expansion.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Under what license you distribute this product?

    We distribute ApPHP Framework under GNU LGPL Version 3 (GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE - included in downloading archive).

  • Q. What language is ApPHP Framework written in?

    ApPHP Framework is written in PHP (min v5.2.3)

  • Q. What are the requirements for using this app?

    Minimum requirements is PHP v5.2.3 or higher.

    You must also have PDO extension enabled on your server, if your application is working with database.

  • Q. How does it work?

    Like most modern web programming frameworks, ApPHP Framework has been developed in accordance with the MVC pattern ("Model-View-Controller"). The MVC requires that the entire software logic should be separated into three loosely bound parts (layers):

    • Data management layer (Model)
    • View presentation layer
    • Business logic layer (Controller) which is responsible for receiving, validating and processing user requests as well as for obtaining data from the model (database) and preparing them for proper displaying in users' browsers

    You may find more information in our documentation.

  • Q. How much does it cost? Is it absolutely free and open-source?

    Yes, this framework is absolutelly free and 100% open-source. You can use it for yourself or in your projects to create free or paid web-applications to yourself or your customers.

Real-Word Usage

This framework is used for some successful commercial and free products:


Framework Features

  • 100% Open-Source
  • MVC architecture pattern
  • Support for multiple projects on a single core without further manipulation
  • Secure codding: CSRF, XSS & SQL Injections prevention
  • Components and modules extensions
  • User-friendly debug mode
  • Custom session storage support
  • Flexible routing based on configuration files
  • PDO support
  • Active Record (AR) pattern support
  • Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle
  • Clean Separation of Concern (SOC) principle
  • Multi-Browser support
  • Multi-Database support
  • Multi-Language support
  • Fast performance
  • Smart caching support
  • Simple and readable code for developers
  • URL Routing (Clean URLS)
  • SEO-friendly URLs like /category/edit/1/
  • Built-In widgets extensions
  • Very clean, controlled HTML output
  • Display and Processing are separated
  • Five (5) working Demos embedded

Requirements & Supported

Script Requirements

  • PHP 5.2.3 or higher

Supported Browsers

  • FireFox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari

Supported Databases

  • PDO Drivers: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite etc.


Here are some screenshots showing ApPHP MVC Framework

Last Updates

Version 0.9.0

Released on 20 Dec, 2016
  • New added new components: CLogger, CMobileDetect
  • New added new helper: CLog
  • New added support for layouts
  • New added new field type in CDataForm and CFormView - "color"
  • Enh changes in A::app()->getLanguage()
  • Enh added _onEndRequest events in class A
  • Enh added isWritable() method for CFile system helper
  • Enh changes in helper Currencies
  • Enh added in COauth strategy for LinkedIn
  • Enh added validation for Short Open tags in utils/requirements
  • Enh PHPMailer upgraded to 5.2.16
  • Enh automatically adding $htmlOptions['enctype'] = 'multipart/form-data'; if it's missing in form options
  • Fixbugs fixed

Version 0.8.3

Released on 01 Jul, 2016
  • New added A::app()->load() method that allows to load library files
  • New added application libraries and files CLoader helper class
  • New added global backtrace for application
  • New namespaces support for modules
  • New added SOAP vendor - nusoap
  • New added OPAUTH vendor - opauthv
  • Enh minor changes in CDebug core class
  • Enh minor changes in CHtml::link() method - added automatically added rel="nofollow noopener" for target="_new"
  • Enh minor changes in helper CGeoLocation
  • Enh translattion in Spanish for core messages
  • Enh minor changes in CDatabase db class
  • Enh added new options for DB-level caching: "auto" and "manual"
  • Fixbugs fixed

Version 0.7.7

Released on 04 Dec, 2015
  • New added possibility to create view files in sub-directories upto 3rd level
  • New added new helpers: CGeoLocation, CConvert
  • New added new component: CShoppingCart
  • New added new translate method te() that allows to encode output
  • Enh added new helper CLocale that allows to display data in local settings format and language
  • Enh minor changes in CValidator, CLanguageSelector, CBreadCrumbs, CFile, CDataForm, CGridView, CValidator helpers
  • Enh added new functionality agregate functions to CGridView helper
  • Enh added decimalPoints attribute for decimal fields in CGridView helper
  • Enh added new validation type isHtmlSize to CDataForm and CFormValidator
  • Enh allowed to use CCaptcha for few forms on the same page
  • Enh allowed to return content in CView::render()
  • Enh added possibility to sort by numeric value for CGridView
  • Enh improved security in getting server port in CHttpRequest
  • Enh in CDebug panel added possibility to see all included files, executing time and more...
  • Enh if language constant doesn't exist in Debug Mode it gets a prefix '@@@'
  • Enh added possibility to disable filter fields in CGridView by 'disabled'=>true
  • Enh in CHttpSession startSession() redone into public method
  • Fixbugs fixed

Version 0.6.9

Released on 16 May, 2015
  • New added new vendor dBug component
  • New added new vendor CI_Security class
  • New added new vendor TCPDF component
  • New added new field type "fileUpload" for CDataForm widget
  • New added new component CUri for parsing of URIs
  • New added possibility to include one view from another view with $this->renderView() syntax
  • Enh placement of component views moved from directory protected/components/views/ to directory protected/views/components/
  • Enh added possibility to extend framework core classes
  • Enh added possibility to create helpers on application and module levels
  • Enh added possibility to override default Controller/Action from modules config files
  • Enh PHPMailer vendor updated to v5.2.9
  • Enh CDebug::display() renamed into CDebug::dump()
  • Enh added possibility to write log into console: CDebug::console() or CDebug::c()
  • Enh added new methods to CHttpRequest core class: isAjaxRequest(), isPutRequest(), isDeleteRequest() and getBrowser()
  • Enh minor changes in CDbHttpSession and CHttpSession core classes
  • Enh minor changes in CFile, CFormValidator, CValidator, CFormView helpers
  • Enh in CDebug panel added possibility to close debug panel with double click on active tab
  • Enh minor changes in syntax of models
  • Enh in class A added aliases to components - request, session, cookie etc.
  • Enh in components class CHttpRequest added aliases post() and get() to getPost/SetPost, getQuery/SetQuery
  • Enh added new method distinct() for CActiveRecords
  • Enh added possibility to define callback controller method for CDataForm
  • Enh added translation into Polish
  • Fixbugs fixed

Version 0.5.9

Released on 08 January, 2015
  • New added new helper CArray
  • Enh added translation into Hebrew
  • Enh in CActiveRecords added new method updateByPk
  • Enh in CActiveRecords findByPk() returns object instead of array
  • Enh in CActiveRecords added new method refresh() and improved method count()
  • Enh in CActiveRecords added new method sum()
  • Enh in CActiveRecords improved method count()
  • Enh minor changes in CGridView, CBreadCrumbs, CValidator, CDataForm
  • Enh minor changes in CDatabase db class
  • Enh added new method updateAll in CActiveRecords
  • Enh minor changes in CDebug core class
  • Enh minor changes in CHttpRequest
  • Enh minor changes in CHttpSession component
  • Enh minor changes in CMenu, CValidator helpers
  • Enh minor changes in CLanguageSelector
  • Enh minor changes in CFile in copy folder permissions
  • Enh minor changes in CConfig collection class
  • Fixfixed issue using cache in application bootstrap component
  • Fixfixed wrong SQL in max() method of CActiveRecords
  • Fixfixed missing COUNT(*) in count() method of CActiveRecords
  • Fixfixed in returning current language
  • Fixfixed in CDebug class
  • Fixfixed in CMailer class phpMail() for sending HTML messages
  • Fixfixed in CFormView when drawing disabled or hidden fields
  • Fixfixed issue when error 404 is not shown for module CMS
  • Fixfixed accessa permissions issue in CFile::copyDirectory()

Version 0.4.4

Released on 29 April, 2014
  • Newadded new helper CCurrency and CCurrencySelector, that provides a set of helper methods for common currency operations
  • Newadded new helper CNumber
  • Newadded new widget CCaptcha
  • Newadded new helper CImage, that provides a set of helper methods for common image system operations
  • Newadded new helper CCache and support to db caching operations
  • Newadded new core component CDbHttpSession for custom session data storage
  • Enhminor changes in CPagination helper class
  • Enhminor changes in CTime, CDataForm, CString, CGridView, CValidator and CFormValidator helper classes
  • Enhminor changes in CDatabase core class
  • Enhminor changes in CHtml, CPagination helper classes
  • Enhminor changes in CDebug core class
  • Enhin CActiveRecords added possibility to define multiple relations from the same key
  • Enhimproved language and currency handler procedures
  • Enhadded additional options to CHtml::listOptions method
  • Enhchanges in CMessageSource to accept translation from setup module
  • Enhchanges in Apphp class - added router property
  • Enhminor changes in CRouter core class
  • Enhminor changes in CMailer helper class
  • Enhchanges in syntax for some model methods
  • Fixfixed case-sensitivity problem of view file names
  • Fixfixed "base" tag problem in Internet Explorer
  • Fixfixed in CValidator::isDate()
  • Fixdouble call of beforeDelete() in ActiveRecord class
  • Fixfixed issue with using some reserved names for CView

Version 0.3.4

Released on September 17th, 2013
  • Newadded new widget "tabs" in helper CWidget
  • Newadded new widget "gridView" in helper CWidget
  • Newadded new component CHttpCookie for cookie management operations
  • Newadded new component CLocalTime for work with timezones and locale
  • Newadded new helper CFile, that provides a set of helper methods for common file system operations
  • Newadded i18n internationalization and translation
  • Newadded new field type 'imageUpload' to CFormView widget
  • Newadded possibility to create application modules
  • Newadded CTime helper class
  • Enhminor changes in pagination widget
  • Enhminor changes in CWidget::formView() and CWidget::menu()
  • Enhminor changes in View core class
  • Enhsetting default time zone placed to CLocalTime component
  • EnhCAuth::handleLogged() renamed into CAuth::handleLoggedIn()
  • Enhminor changes in CAuth helper class
  • Enhminor changes in CValidator helper class
  • EnhCWidget::form() renamed into CWidget::formView()
  • Enhadded global test for database connection for application with db in Apphp class
  • Enhminor changes in CHttpRequest
  • Enhall widgets places in separated classes under helpers/widgets/ directory
  • Enhimproved debug info for fatal database errors
  • Fixfixed strict errors for model classes
  • Fixfixed UTF-8 issue with insertion/retrieving strings from database
  • Fixfixed mapping error for model classes named like AaaBbbCcc
  • Fixfixed mapping error for model component classes

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